Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Post-covid stirrings had us dreamin' of TRAVEL like.....

During that brief Spring reprieve when Covid restrictions lifted enough to fill the air with lots of travel fervor — toot, TOOT! — I got aboard the travel train for DH Travel Services, parent co' for millenial fav (for well-curated, no-frills travel packages catering to the young and frugal), Great Value Vacations. Through the magical powers of research-from-my-couch, this content didn't involve any actual travel and I know, you're shocked — but it did inspire some of my own.  

Some friends and I took off for Austin, Texas in May to celebrate what we thought was the the end of Covid (LOLOLOL) and our family booked flights to visit our respective parents' in Missouri and Oregon for the summer, the first time spent with our kid's grandparents in nearly two years. [Little did we know both geographic locations would end up national hot-spots for the Delta variant; We white-knuckled it through both visits and returned healthy, but barely!]

Spring and summer highlights included a GVV piece commissioned to feature 8 Locations to Visit from Netflix's The Crown (can't say I didn't enjoy the deep, multi-season research on this one, guys!), plus a few new series I developed for GVV's seemingly limitless content pool: How to Order Coffee In X....5 Alternatives to Big Cities in (X), Essential Phrases of (X), and What's it Like to Travel to (X) Right Now?

The sort of content that might, you know, just make a comeback someday. If we can persuade our hesitant friends to join us in the effort to end this Eighth Circle of Variant Hell we've found ourselves in.  Cuz as they say in the 'biz: *"No Flyin' Delta Skies, 'til we cut Delta's ties, guys!"

Until then.... au revoir, mes amis. 

(* totally made up)

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